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Your Consultant for Selling on Amazon


A Specialist at Your Disposal

Hi, I'm Giuseppe Famiglietti and I'm a Amazon Account Manager: Helping Businesses Selling Successfully on Amazon!


After Several Years of Experience in Advertising and Online Selling in Other Realities, I Decided to Make My Know How and Method Available to Small and Medium-sized Italian Enterprises.


That of online sales in general and on Amazon in particular, managing to dominate the market becomes increasingly difficult. Present on Amazon and Really Want to Sell! ‚Äč


Thanks to my skills and my staff, we will realize your online sales project and allow you to expand your business in Italy and in the world! If you want to find out more about my principles, my mission and

my method, well all you have to do is keep reading this page!



My Principles




I believe that a consultancy figure for selling on Amazon is mainly Point of reference for the company and that it must try to make the approach with the same as human as possible. For this reason, in each new collaboration, I try to understand mainly who is my potential customer and how much is Linked to your business!

There are Things You Can Do and others that make you lose sight of the True Goal of Your Business. To Optimize Our Relationship and Phases of the Sales Process, First of all it is necessary to understand which are the activities that generate value and which are instead a bottleneck, always with reference to the data.




Study the sector of your product, find the niche in which to insert it and thanks to which to grow your business. This is the fundamental approach to be adopted on each single product, without forgetting the perception that your buyers will have. The target? Create Long-Term Value on Every Action You Take!

Knowing the Business and Entrepreneurial Reality with which You Relate is a Cornerstone of My Business! Each Project is different and should be treated with the utmost importance a, without neglecting the economic impact that the realization can have on each activity! For this reason we will select together the services suitable to develop your project!

My Mission

One Single, HUGE Goal: Grow Your Business Using all the Tools and Methods of My Expertise or Studying New ones to Implement on Your Project





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